"India’s first ever toilet kit"

Usage of TOIKIT

TOIKIT is the easiest way to carry when ever you are on the move, be it travel, work/leisure, sports or entertainment (Restaurants, Night Clubs, Malls, Cinema Halls, Friends House, Travel, railways, highways, patrol pumps, events, etc.) and be protected from unhygienic toilets.


Public Toilets



Night clubs






How to use it

Wear glove

Wear disposable plastic glove before entering facility so you don’t fear to touch your surroundings.

Wipe your wet seat

Major problem in India is wet seats. With a glove on, use seat wipe tissue to wipe your wet seat.

Install Seat Cover

Our flushable seat cover is ideal for public toilets and thus prevents your direct contact with dirty seats and infections.

Flush off and wash your hands

Once done, flush off the seat cover and use hand wash.

Dispose Of

Dispose of the plastic glove and used sachet in the same plastic bag and throw it in the dustbin before using hand sanitizer and relax.

Kit Includes

Seat Cover

Our disposable seat cover is ideal for Indian conditions. Designed and developed from special virgin pulp, it is biodegradable, easily flushable and prevents your direct contact from dirty seats. Now sitting is not a problem.


Ideal for cleansing your hands once you are done. It will never let germs on your hands and we’ve added moisturizer in it to avoid your hands getting dry.

Hand Sanitizer

Our hand sanitizer helps you fight germs/bacteria and keep your hands clean and hygienic. It is ideal when water and soaps are not available. We’ve enriched it with Vitamin E to maintain the moisture on your hand and comes with a refreshing smell.

Disposable Glove

Everyone fears to touch dirty surroundings so we offer disposable plastic glove with our kit which gives an individual a power to touch surroundings and clean their seat without the fear of infection inside the facility

Seat Wipe Tissue

This three-fold thick tissue will help you clean your wet and dirty seats. It is good to clean something for our own use.

Tissue Paper

No worries if you have forgotten to carry your hanky, we have a solution for you. Drying your hands won’t be an issue.